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The World Is Watching The Death Of A Boy

Er, yeah. Hi.

I just joined.
I'm Lee.

I Currently Worship:

Grog - Die So Fluid
Chibi - The Birthday Massacre
Katie Jane - Daisy Chainsaw/Queen Adreena
Tairie B - My Ruin/The LVRS
Jessicka Fodera - Jack Off Jill/Scarling.
Free Dominguez - Kidney Thieves
Amy Lee - Evanescence
Christina Scabbia - Lacuna Coil
Tobey Torres - Snake River Conspiracy
Melora Creager - Rasputina
Otep Shamaya - Otep
Jytt - Pornorphans
Natalie Walker - Daughter Darling
Jacqueline van Bierk - Otto's Daughter

Not all of these would be described as sick..but there are the grrls I worship.
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